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Shenzhen Pengchu Industry Co., Ltd was approved to establish by Shenzhen Administration for industry and commerce in 2014 and has passed ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification. We specialize in developing, producing and exporting switching power supply and power adapters for laptops, as well as other related accessories. As a measure to enhance the quality Of our products, we have introduced the most up-to date testing equipment from overseas markets to ensure that each product undergoes strict quality control from design to packing. Customer foremost is our unchangeable service tenet. Several years` hard work brings us trust and confidence from our customers. Our sales...

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Switching Power Supply

5V Switching Power Supply

5v external switching ac dc power supply 39a DC 5V 30A Power Supply adaptor 150W CCTV 5V 40A Regulated Switching Power Supply LED CCTV 220VAC To DC 5V Switching Power Supply 21a 5V AC DC Power Supply Adapters 5V 24A 110V AC to 5V DC Power Supply 26A 5V 25A Switching Power Supply AC DC 125W 5v 33a desktop power supply for LED lights 5v 11a dc universal switching power supply 55w 5V 14A single output pc switching power supply 5V 19A ac dc power supply transformer adapter 5V AC DC Adapter Power Supply 22a LED 5V Universal DC Switching Power Supply 29A 5V Desktop AC Power Charger Adapter 5V 23A 5V 42A AC DC Switching Power Supply Adapter AC DC switching 5v 90w power supply adapter 5V switching ac dc medical power supply 17a 5V external indoor power supply unit 16a PSU 5v 8a ac dc power adapter 5V DC Power Supply Adapter 5V 31A 

12V Switching Power Supply

220v ac 12v power supply unit 480w 12V dc 12.5A power supply adapter 150W dc 12v 33a 400w cctv switching power supply For 3d printer 12v 25a power supply adapter Dc 12v 29a switching power supply transformer 220v ac 12v dc switching power supply 370w 180w dc 12v switching power supply 15a ac 220v dc 12v 21a power supply 250w ac dc 12v 23a indoor power supply adapter dc output 12v 26a led power supply adapter 12v 27a ac dc switching model power supply single output 12v 34a power adapter 12v power adapter 22a for camera ac adapter 12v 23a for POS machine single output 12v 26a power supply adapter 12V 28A LED driver desktop 12V 8A power adapter power supply 12V 9A desktop power adapter constant voltage 12v 29a switching power supply 12V 27A desktop power supply 

18V Switching Power Supply

AC DC 18v 30a 540w switching power supply 18v 19a power adapter for LED lights 18v 17a power supply for AC motor Factory price 18v 18a led power supply 18v 16a desktop power supply for POS machine high quality 18v power supply adapter 15a Customized switch mode power supply 18v 486w CE RoHs approved plastic 18v 21a power supply High voltage 18v 20a power supply years warranty 18v 22a high voltage dc power supply Ac/Dc switching Power Supply adapter 18v 29a 16 volt adapter 26a 416w power adaptor Switching ac dc power supply 18v 16a 288w switching ac dc power supply 18v 17a 18V 19A adapter 220vac switching power supply PC-180240 18V 24A power supply with CE FCC high quality 18v 23a 414w power adapter Switching power supply 18V 15A 270W Power Supply DC output 18V 18A adapter 324W Power Supply 18V 10A ac/dc power adapters 180w CE 

19v Switching Power Supply

19V 7.7A single output company power supply 150W 19v switching power supply 16a 19v 20a 380w dc power supply 19V 7.9A PSU POWER SUPPLY UNIT 150W AC DC 19V 7.9A POWER SUPPLY WITH 4PIN 19V 7.9A AC DC POWER ADAPTER 150W 150W replacement power adapter 19v 7.9a Laptop 19V 9.5 SWITCH MODE POWER SUPPLY Laptop 19V 9.5A SWITCH MODE POWER SUPPLY 135W 19V 7.1A AC DC POWER ADAPTER CHARGER 19v 18.5a 350w dc switching power supply 

24V Switching Power Supply

110v ac 24v 9a dc external power supply 24V switchig ac dc power supply 120w 24v 6a ac dc power supply adapter 24v 150w power supply ac dc 6.25a 24v 5.4a transformer adapter for 3D printer ac dc adapter 24v 4.5a for monitor 24V 14.6A ac switching power supply single output 24v power supply 6.5a ac dc adapter 24v 4.2a power supply power adapter 24v 15a for LCD monitor Single output 24v 11a LED driver power supply 24v 13a for CCTV camera 24v power supply 12a for POS machine Constant Voltage 220w 24v 9a power supply 110v ac/dc 24v volt 168w power supply 24vdc 20A 24v Switching Power Supply powered led strip For motor 24v 22a 528w dc power supply 24v 4a desktop power supply 24v switching power supply 5a 24v switching power supply 120w 

36V Switching Power Supply

36volt ac adapter 9 amp 36v power supplies excellent dc power supply unit 10amp 36v 360w ac-230v power supply adapter 36v 11a 400w 36v 12a switch power supply 432w ac adapter ac dc smps power supply adapter 36v 13a 36v 15a switching power supply adapter 540w Wholesale 36v 360w power supply constant voltage 36v 9a desktop power adapter 36v 10a desktop power supply for 3D printer 36v switching power supply for LED strip lights ac dc switching power supply 36v 160w supplies constant voltage 36v led power supply adapter 4a ac/dc switching power supply adapter 36v 160w smps ac power supply adapter 36v 500w 36V AC Power Supply 120W Desktop Power Adapter 150W 36V 4A Desktop Switching Power Supply 540W 36V 15A Switching DC Power Supply AC DC adapter 36v 3a power adaptor Adaptor for USA market 36v 8a power supply 36volt universal ac dc power supply adapter 1.5A 

48V Switching Power Supply

output voltage 48v 7a dc power supply adapter 48 volt dc PFC power supply 336w adapter 48 Volt AC DC PFC Power Supply 6A Single output 48V 7.5A power supply 100-240v ac dc 48v power supply adapter 216w 48V 11A Power Supply 48Volt With CE FCC ac dc 48v constant voltage power supply 10a 48V 120W 2.5A Power Supply Adapter AC Switching 48v 4a power supply for LED lights 440W 55V 8A ac/dc Power Supply S-550080 universal power adapter 48v 9a power supply 48vdc power supplies 48v 6a power supply adapter 480W 48V 10A Switching DC Power Supply ShenZhen high quality 48V 3.5A power adapter 168w AC DC power adapter 48v 8a 7.5A 48 Volt Switch Mode Power Supply 48V 1.3A regulated switch table top power supply 48v 6a switching power supply 48V 3A Power Supply 48V DC Adapter 48v dc 7.3a 350w regulated switching power supply 

32v Switching Power Supply

AC to DC Power Supply Single output 32V Customized 480w dc power supply 32v power supplies ac power adapter 32v 10a power supply OEM 32v 480w dc switching model power supply power adapter supplier led transformer 32v 8a 32v 4a switching power supply 32v 5a ac dc adapter 32v 4.5a PC power supply 32v 7a 224w switching power adapter 32v 7.5a 240w switching power adapter 

25v Switching Power Supply

25V 4A AC DC adapter 100w AC to DC 25V 20A 500W power supply 25V 19A 475W switching power supply AC DC 25V 18A 450W switching power supply desktop type 25v switching power supply 100w DC switching power supply adapter 25v 11a 275w 25v 11a switching power supply for LED lights 25v 13a desktop adapter for POS machine 25v power supply 14a for AC motor 25v 15a switching power supply for LED lamp 25v 16a switching power supply for 3D printer 25v 17a power adapter for LED lights 25v power supply 12a for 3D printer 

26v Switching Power Supply

26v 100w desktop type smps power supply 26v power supplies ac power supply adapter 6amp OEM 26v 10amp power suppply 260w power supplies 26v 8a 208w switching power supply 26v power adapter 15a for charging 26v 14a ac dc adapter for 3D printer 26v 13a switching power supply for LED lamp 26v 12a dc power supply for AC motor 26v 11a desktop power supply for POS machine ac dc 26v 5amp power adapter power supply 

28V Switching Power Supply

28v 10a 280w dc switching power supply AC DC 28v switching power supply 11A 300w 420w switching power supply 28v 15a 28v switching power supply 15a 390w dc adapter high quality 28v 13a power supplies ac adapter 28V ac to dc smps power supply adapter 28v 168w ac dc power supply adapter 6a 28v 5a power supply adapter 140w 28v 7.5a ac to dc power adapter 28v 12a 336w power adapter with switch 

20v Switching Power Supply

AC DC switching power supply supplies 20v 300w 20v 8a power adapter for Dell 20V 6A power supply adapter for Fujitsu 20V 6A laptop power adapter for Liteon 20v dc power supply 6a for Gateway single output 20v 15a ac dc power adapter Electrical transformer 20V 20A Power Adapter 400W Switch mode power supply adapter 20v 18a 360w 12V 30A 360w switching power supply 20V power supply 11.5a for Lenovo 

Switching Power Supply With UL Listed

200W 25V 8A AC DC power supply 25V 10A adapter with high PFC 25v 200w power supplies adapter power adaptor 35V 5A DC output Bench power supply Adapter 19V DC laptop power supply 11.8A with PFC PENGCHU 13v 234w ac dc desktop power supply ac dc power supply 19v 190w for motor Customized AC to DC power supply adapter 19.5v AC/DC switch power supply 25v 10a 250w ac 220v 230v dc 12v power supply 200w UL standard 12v 18a switching power supply 240w switching mode power supply 12v 20a 28v desktop switch power supply adapter 250w 36v 7a 250w medical led switching power supply 19.5v 12.3a 240w ac adapter for Dell ac to dc 28v switch power supply 200w 29V 8.3A Audio equipment power supply switching 26v 9amp desktop type dc power supply 26volt 200w power supplies adapter 26v ac adapter output 12v 250w 20.8A 

Other Switching Power Supply

30v 10a ac dc power supply adapter 300w 16V AC DC Adapter Switching Power Supply Charger 13v 14a Bitcoin Asic Miner Power Supply 182w 30v 6a 180w smps dc switching power supply PENGCHU OEM 30v 180w dc switching power supply 13V 200W DC Power Supply Adapter Transformer 15A 30v 180w ac/dc power supply adapter ac power supply adapter 30v 5a 150w single output 140w ac dc adapter 14V 10A 403W POWER SOURCES SUPPLY 13V 31A Universal Power Supply 320W 16V 20A Single Output 13v 14a power adapter 182w 15v 110v/220v switching power supply 30A CCTV LED driver 15v 25a power supply 15V AC DC Switching Power Supply Adapter Charger switch power supply 20a 15v power supply 14v dc power supply 20a 280W 16V Switching Power Supply Charger 4A DC Adapter 

Power Adapter

12V Power Adapter

180W 12V 15A Switching AC DC Power Supply 48W AC DC 12V Switching Power Adapter 180W 12V 15A Switch Mode Power Supply 180W 12V Switching DC Power Supply for LED 12V 12.5A Desktop AC DC Switching Power Adapter 12V 4A 48W LED Switching Power Supply Adapter 12V 60W AC/DC Switching Power Adapter 120W 12V Desktop AC DC Switching Power Supply 96W 12V Switching AC DC LED Power Supply 120W 12V 10A Switching DC Power Supply 12V 10A 120W Switching Power Supply Adapter 12V 8A 96W AC DC LED Power Supply 60W 12V 5A Switching Power Supply Adapter 12V 2.5A AC DC Power Supply Adapter 12V 1.5A AC DC Switching power adapter 12V 6A 72W ac dc power adapter 12v 5a 60w smps with 4pin plug 36w adaptor desktop 3a ac dc 12v adapter 12V ac dc led power adapter 60w 12v 7.5a switching dc power supply charger 90w 

24V Power Adapter

24v 8a ac dc 192w power adapter 24v 11a 264w desktop smps switching power supply 24V 3.75A 90W Desktop Switching Power Adapter 24V 2A ac dc power adapter ac dc 24v 310w switching power supply 24vdc 110vac to 24v 380w dc switch power supply ac to dc power supply 24v 456w 24V 2A AC DC Switching Power Supply Adapter Desktop 48W 24V 2A DC Power Adapter Single Output 24Vdc 5A Desktop Switching Adapter 150W 24V 6.25A Desktop AC Power Adapter 168W 24Vdc Desktop Switching Power Supply 24V 7.5A 180W Switching AC DC Power Adapter 200W 24V Desktop AC DC Power Adapter 24V Switching Power Supply Adapter 150W Single Output 24Vdc 120W Switching Power Supply Adapter 240W 24V DC Switching Power Supply Adapter DC Power Supply 96W 24V Power Adapter 72W 24V 3A AC DC Power Adapter Desktop ac/dc power adapter 24v 2.37a 

ETL Listed Power Adapter

12v 5a power adapter with energy Level VI 16v 4a ac dc adapter 3-12v 4a adjustable voltage ac dc adapter 18.5V 65W Replacement Laptop AC Adapter Power Adapter 19V 3.42A Laptop AC Adapter ETL Standard 60W 12V Switching Power Adapter CCTV Power Supply 12V 4A DC Power Supply ETL Approved 8V 5A Switching Power Adapter 60W 24V 2.5A AC DC Switching Power Adapter 48v 1.3a ac power adapter Level VI 12V 5A power supply adapter 36V Power Supply 60W AC Adapter 9v 5a 45w ac dc power adapter 

Laptop Adapter

18.5V Laptop Adapter

OEM laptop ac power adapter 18.5v 6.5a 120w 18.5v 6.3a Laptop Charger 65W 18.5V 3.5A Desktop Laptop AC Adapter 18.5V 3.5A 65W DC Switching Laptop AC Adapter 65w 18.5V 3.5A AC DC Laptop Power Supply 18.5V 3.8A 70W Desktop laptop ac adapter 18.5V Laptop AC Adapter 90W Power Adapter 18.5V 1.9A AC DC UK Power Supply Adapter 20W 18.5V AC DC Laptop Power Adapter 18.5V 6.5A 120w universal laptop ac power supply Laptop power adapter 18.5v 6.5a 120w 120w 18.5v 6.5a power supply for HP 120W 18.5V 6.5A POWER ADAPTER FOR HP laptop 18.5V 6.5A 120W ac/dc power adapter CE ROHS FCC 120w laptop adapter 18.5v 6.3a 

19V Laptop Adapter

19v 9.49a desktop adater charger 19v 6.32a 120w universal laptop adapter 19v 7.1a laptop ac adapter charger for HP 19v 6.3a power supply adapter for MSI 19v ac adapter 6.3a for Fujitsu 19v 6.32a power supply transformer for Fujitsu 19v power adapter 6.3a for Liteon 19v dc power supply for MSI laptop ac adapter 19v 6.3a for HP 19v switching power supply 6.3a for Liteon 19v ac power adapter for Liteon ac dc power adapter 19v for Liteon 19v ac laptop adapter for Samsung power supply 19v 120w for Toshiba ac dc power supply 19v 6.3a for Toshiba 19v laptop ac adapter 6.32a for Fujitsu 19v laptop charger 6.3a power adapter for Asus 19V 6A AC adapter for Liteon 19v replacement ac adapter for Gateway ac laptop adapter 19v 6.3a for Liteon 

19.5V Laptop Adapter

19.5v 9.5a ac adapter 19.5v 7.7a laptop charger for Dell 19.5v ac power adapter 7.7a for Sony 19.5v 6.7a laptop power adapter charger laptop power supply 19.5v 6.15a ac dc adapter 19.5v 7.7a for ASUS laptop adapter 19.5v 5.13a for Sony 19.5v 6.2a ac dc adapter for laptop 19.5V 7.5A ac external laptop battery charger 150W 19.5v 11.8a laptop adapter for Dell 19.5V 7.7A 150w power supply adapter for Dell 19.5v 6.7a 130w laptop adapter for sony 60W 19.5V AC Adapter Laptop Power Supply 

20V Laptop Adapter

20V 6A 120W laptop adapter charger for Acer Laptop ac dc 180w power adapter 20v 9a 20v 8a 160w laptop power charger power supply 20v 6a for Acer 20v 9a power adapter for Liteon switching power supply 20v 7.9a for Liteon 20v 9a laptop adapter for Liteon 230w 20v 11.5a laptop adapter for lenovo 20v switching power adapter for HP 20v 6a power supply charger for Asus 20V 3.25A 65W Laptop AC Power Adapter 65W 20V 3.25A AC DC Laptop Charger Adapter 65w desktop laptop ac dc charger 20V 3.25A 

Power Cord

AC Power Cord/cable

1 to 4 US plug conversion power cord IEC320-C14 to IEC320-C13 Extension Power Cord 1 to 4 power extension cord splitter cable Double outlets Saver Y type Power Cord Splitter interchargeable AC power cable 1-to-4 Power Cord Splitter UL Power Cable USA AC power cable IEC-C14 power cord EU AC power cord/ power cable UK AC power cord/ extension power cable 

OEM Power Supply

Adjustable Voltage Power Supply

adjustable voltage 18-28v 3.5a power supply 3-24v 2a adjustable ac dc power adapter adjustable 3-12v 3a switching power adapter Adjustable power adapter 3-24V 7.5A power supply Adjustable switching power adapter 18-28V 6.25A power supply 24-36V 8.3A adjustable switching power supply adjustable ac dc power adapter 24-48v 8.75a adjustable switching power adapter 36-49V 5A 3-12v 1a adjustable voltage ac dc adapter 100-240V 3-12V 2A Adjustable AC Adapter 

Others OEM Power Supply

16.8V 20A switching ac dc UAV power supply Triple Output Switching Mode Power Supply For Audio Industrial switch power supplies 18v power supply 520w switching power supply 24v 456w power supplies 24vdc ac to dc power supplies adapter 55v 6a OEM 540w switch power supply power supplies 30a AC to DC power supply adapter 18v 7.7a High quality 18v industrial power supply unit 468w Customized 18v psu 468w power supply unit 27a Switching power supply 18v 500w power supplies DeE Level VI 8V 5A dc power supply 12V 5V 2A dual Output Power Supply adapter 8v 5a ac dc adapter with CE certificate 

Dual Output Power Supply

12V 30A 5V 1A dual output power supply 12v dual power supply desktop power adapter 12V 5V AC DC Dual Power Adapter CE Approved Dual Output Power Supply 12V 5V 12V 2.5A 5V 2A Dual Output Power Supply Switching Power Supply 12V Dual Power Supply DC 12V 5V Desktop Switching Power Supply dual output power supply 12v 3a 48v 1a 12V 5V 2A Dual Output Switching Power Supply 12V 5V 2.5A 2A dual output power supply 

Triple Output Power Supply

triple output power supply for audio equipment 

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